Money Saving Tips for a Myrtle Beach Vacation

Planning a Myrtle Beach vacation for the family can quickly morph into a costly endeavor – but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of ways to skip the extras and still enjoy a fantastic family vacation.

Here are our top tips for saving big on a Myrtle Beach vacation:


Change Your Travel Dates

Warm weather and bountiful sunshine are two things that guests look forward to when visiting the beach. And, it is always convenient to travel during holidays when people have work off anyway. But, with high summer demand come high summer rates. The end of June through the beginning of August are prime travel times for Myrtle Beach and are the months when you can expect to pay the most.
To avoid this, consider alternative dates for your vacation. No – we aren’t suggesting taking a Christmas beach vacation (though those are pretty fun too!) but leaving even a few weeks earlier or a few weeks later than your normal “mid-summer” vacay can save you big. And, the beach weather really runs from April through October so you have plenty of time to soak up the sun!

Travel With Friends or Family

Do you have extended family or great family friends that also enjoy the beach? If so, why not tag team the expenses of a vacation? Traveling with family or friends allows you to split the costs that a family would normally incur solo. Many Myrtle Beach properties, including Sea Crest, offer family sized units with plenty of space for larger groups. You can enjoy all of the perks of a great oceanfront resort for a fraction of the price – what’s not to like about that?!

Be on the Lookout for Hotel Deals Family at Myrtle Beach

Many beach hotels, including Sea Crest Resort, will offer seasonal specials to help you save big on your family vacation. Thought specials vary throughout the year, deals often include a percentage off your stay, discounted rates for select units, or “buy 3 get 1 free” deals. Be sure to check our hotel deals page and see how much you can save!


Opt for a Condo or Suite with a Kitchen

Eating out three times a day will put a pretty big dent in the budget. Avoid this unnecessary cost by opting for a condo or suite with a full kitchen. Having a full kitchen will allow you to stock up on ingredients and snacks that will make meal time quick and cheap. A full refrigerator, oven and stove combo, microwave, coffee maker, and all of the utensils, cookware, and plate ware you could need are just a few things that the full kitchen will offer.

Bring Your Own Entertainment

Have you ever gotten to the beach and then realized that you still need a few things to keep the kids busy? Prepare in advance by packing plenty of entertainment to keep everyone busy. Items to consider include:
• DVDs
• Coloring Books
• Beach Toys
• Beach Games
• Board Games
Not only will these items come in handy while you are out and about on the beach but also if you get stuck with a rare rainy day at the beach. And, it’s always better to bring these things in advance than have to purchase them while you are at the beach.

Check Out Affordable Nearby Dining & Attractions

bbq plateSea Crest Resort offers a convenient south Myrtle Beach location, close to the heart of the city and a wide array of area attractions and restaurants. You certainly don’t have to shell out big bucks to enjoy a little family fun and entertainment while you’re on vacay. Consider affordable Myrtle Beach attractions, like mini-golf or a Myrtle Beach Pelicans baseball game, and budget-friendly dining options, like a pizza from Michael’s or a hearty plate of soul food from Big Mike’s. Many area attractions and restaurants provide ways for you to enjoy a little time out on the town for less than $10 / person, which is a steal! 

Gas Finder App

Are you planning on driving to the beach? If so, try out a gas finder app like GasBuddy that will find the cheapest gas around you. A few cents can go a long way to save you big on travel expenses.


Take Advantage of On-Site Amenities Waterpark at Sea Crest

Another perk of staying at an oceanfront resort? All of the great on-site amenities that are included with your stay!
Sea Crest Resort offers tons of great amenities for families to enjoy:
• 9 unique pool attractions
• Oceanfront children’s waterpark
• Malibu Beach Bar
• Beach Java Café (serves Starbucks coffee!)
• Exercise Room
• Mini-mart & souvenir shop
…. and so much more!
All of these amenities are available for guests at no extra charge.
Also, you can’t forget about the fact that Sea Crest Resort is located oceanfront and provides effortless access to the sandy shores. The beach is, after all, what brought you to Myrtle Beach and is and will always be FREE.
Do you have any awesome tips on how to save money on a beach vacation? Let us know!