Children's Museum of South Carolina

Let your kids immerse themselves in fun and educational learning activities at the Children’s Museum of South Carolina. Conveniently located in the heart of Myrtle Beach, this popular attraction strives to provide self-discovery through interactive learning experiences.


Popular exhibits include:


South Carolina Fossil Hunt – Become a paleontologist as you dig through sand and look for 65 million year old fossils of native South Carolina animals.
Hurricane Simulator – Learn how to identify hurricane strength and other fun facts about these infamous sea storms. Kids even get to experience 78 mph winds of a Category 1 hurricane in the hurricane simulator!
It’s Electric – Discover the magic of electricity as you generate the power to light up a city. Children and adults work together to build circuits that run motors and lights.
Weather Center & News Desk – Stand in front of a real green screen and report the weather or sit behind the news desk and report live news!
Famous Fraction Pizza Delivery Truck – Hop in and create your own personal pizza. While its baking, brush up your math skills and learn all about fractions.


These are just a few of the over fun and interactive exhibits that the Children’s Museum of South Carolina offers. The museum also hosts several special events throughout the year, meaning you always have something fun to look forward to!

For more information, call 843-946-9469 or visit their website, and don’t forget to check out our Attractions Page for more Myrtle Beach area fun!

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