Myrtle Beach Weather: Year Round Perfection?

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the most popular ocean-side resort destination along the east coast of the United States. Millions of visitors arrive each year to view its magnificent coastal topography,  visit the areas many historical and cultural attractions, and, one can’t fail to mention, play golf. Of the many reasons for the popularity of Myrtle Beach, the most important is its wonderful weather.

The area has an average daily temperature in the mid ‘70’s. Best of all, as a region with a subtropical climate, Myrtle Beach experiences mild winters. At its coldest, in January, Myrtle Beach rarely cools below the low 50’s and often the daytime highs reach the mid- 60’s. This is perfect golf weather for those who are otherwise shoveling snow and bundling up in parkas farther north. December and February are even better with an average daily temperature in high 60’s. Nights are colder, however with temperatures dipping down near freezing.

For golfers and nature lovers, spring is the best time to visit Myrtle Beach. In March and April the daytime temperature hovers around 70.  During spring the nights are still cool, but pleasant. High 40’s to mid-50 degree temperatures also make this the perfect time for romantic walks along the shoreline, a patio dinner at one of the amazing seafood restaurants along the shoreline, or a visit to the nearby Intracoastal Waterway to watch the sailboats headed to Florida with their running lights glowing in the darkness.

Like all regions with subtropical climates, Myrtle Beach is humid in the summer. Average temperatures are in the high 80’s and low 90’s throughout June, July, and August. But it is a moist heat and this is the time to enjoy the cooling waters of the Atlantic Ocean. However, you will be surprised at how warm the water is in comparison to beaches in the northeast. Water temperature is in the low 80’s in July and August,  begins falling in September and reaches a bracing 50 degrees in the winter months.

Spring water temperatures are in the 60’s. Even in the heat of the summer there is good news in that the evenings are cool – low 70’s is the average at night and the sea breeze will further invigorate you. For golfers, July is the wettest month, with over 5 inches of precipitation.  But the sun shines more often than not in Myrtle Beach. There are, on average 215 days of sunshine in this ocean-side paradise, 150 days of overcast skies, and only 70 days of rain. Keep in mind that the hottest months are also the least expensive months to play. Greens fees fall as fast in June, July and August as the temperatures rise.

You will find frequent afternoon thunderstorms this time of year, so plan to get your golf in early in the day. Whatever your plans include in Myrtle Beach the weather is likely to cooperate. From sightseeing at nearby historical sights in the fall, golfing while your friends shiver at home in the winter, sunbathing in the heat of summer, or sailing in the spring, the weather is often Myrtle Beach’s best attraction.

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