Get it All at The Giant Crab

The only place to find a larger and fresher seafood spread than the Giant Crab Seafood Restaurant is the Atlantic Ocean, but that requires too much catching and cooking.

Instead, leave the work to the pros while you relax and feast at the Giant Crab all-you-can-eat buffet in Myrtle Beach. Located in the heart of Restaurant Row, the Giant Crab stands out for more than just great seafood. Maybe it's the large waterfall, lighthouse and lazy river around the building, or the enormous crab that sits atop it.

Once inside, the senses are overwhelmed by the bountiful buffet and its fisherman's-wharf setting. The aroma of fresh seafood and Southern cooking let patrons know they have arrived someplace special, but the sight of the 170-item buffet, including a steam bar, carving station and dessert table, tells your taste buds its time to feast.

Pile your plate high with peel-and-eat shrimp, steamed oysters, clams, muscles and, of course, crab legs. Help yourself to the Giant Crab's unique recipes you won't find on most buffets, like the Crab Imperial and Seafood Strudel. Indulge in the Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms and Oysters Rockefeller, and you're just getting started.

For those who prefer "land-food" as much as seafood, the Giant Crab has you covered. The carving station offers prime rib, roast beef and Virginia ham, perfect for a make-your-own surf and turf combo. Barbecue ribs, Feta Chicken and all the trimmings, including hot homestyle vegetables and a salad bar, are also on the buffet.

Children will love the Kids Corner, a special section featuring all the food the little ones love most - hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, chicken fingers, french fries and more. And the adults can slip off to the Pirate's Island Tavern to sip on some suds or mixed drinks and mingle with others who are enjoying their Myrtle Beach experience.

The Giant Crab is located at 9597 North Kings Highway in the Restaurant Row section of Myrtle Beach. For more information, call 843-449-1097 or visit the website atwww.giantcrab.com.

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