Interactive Fun at Wonderworks

Come visit Professor Wonder’s secret research lab located at Broadway at the Beach. This upside down house started as a top-secret research lab located in the Bermuda Triangle until an experiment that created a man-made tornado went terribly wrong, ripping the lab up and carrying it all the way to Myrtle Beach where it landed upside down.

The first thing visitors must do when entering WonderWorks is be turned right side up in the inversion tunnel. Once you go through you’ll be perfectly aligned to enjoy all the great exhibits of WonderWorks. With over 100 different ones, there’s plenty to do for a day of fun.

Experience a category one hurricane with wind speeds up to 84 miles per hour in the Hurricane Shack, or see up-close the powerful damage caused by the most famous natural disasters. Defy gravity in the Anti-Gravity Chamber where you’ll see water flowing from the ground up! Change the strobe lights to make the water flow normally once again. Ride the Xtreme 360 Bike around in a complete circle! Pedal your way on the bike to generate enough power to take you around the full loop.

If you’ve worked up an appetite, head over to The Works Eatery for some delicious food. They have something for everyone to enjoy from hand-tossed pizza to burgers or salads. This causal restaurant offers indoor or outdoor seating with views of Lake Broadway. You can create your own drink on the blender bike; the faster you pedal the faster it blends.

If you’re with a group WonderWorks is the perfect place to go. There’s something for all ages to enjoy. Enjoy a discount with 15 or more people no matter what group you’re with. From field trips to corporate events, they have a package to fit your needs.  Make this unique attraction part of your Myrtle Beach tradition.

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